Beside casting feature films, we also cast commercials, fashion, documentaries with fictional scenes (for example: for the German director Arne Birkenstock) and voices (narrative voices, commentary voices).

Exemples of clients : Trigger Happy productions for BMW and Samsung (Director Ralf Schmerberg ) (2014 and 2015), Stay Gold Studios (US) for Okinawa Tourism 2015), RITA Films for UBISOFT France (2015), Tony Petersen Film GmbH, Bigshrimp Hamburg GmbH for Google and Schwarzkopf (2013 – 2014), Fruitmarket – Kultur und Medien GmbH, Tank Productions for Ikea (2014) etc.

Charlotte Roustang, before the founding of the casting studio, also casted several years for Peugeot Media Production in Paris.




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