Empreintes (short film, France, 2014)

Artistic short movie about the Jardin des Tuileries_ 17 min

Director: Hervé Bernard
Hervé Bernard or RVB is an “image maker” as Peter Knapp calls him. For him, this job is not simply to fix what is in his lens. What he wants is to give meaning to these traces. It does not reproduce reality. It recreates, delves into its roots, anticipates its evolution, it makes it appear to our consciousness by inventing a world that is ours. It breaks down the barriers between reportage image and visual design; between the fixed image and the moving image to create in us a new perception of the world.
Hervé Bernard also analyzes the image, tells us about the eye that sees the image and the cultural brain that interprets it. In “Regard sur l’image”, an illustrated essay prefaced by Peter Knapp and a blog, he exposes all the transformations that the image undergoes, from the moment you take it to where it is viewed.
Exhibitions and publications in Europe, a short film presented at Cannes, images Collections 6 French museums, board member of the Vulcain Prize 2009 awarded technical artist by the CST as part of the official competition of the festival Cannes …
Here is a link to a summary of his career : http://www.rvb-prod.fr/documents/rvbbioangl.pdf

About the project :
A dreamlike walk through time and space… An ode to the beauty and poetry in one of the iconic gardens of the french capital. Consisting of photographies taken in the Jardin des Tuileries for the past thirty years, this film explores the gap between the fixed image and film. Driven by the voice of the narrator, we are immersed in an environment of magic and realism.

Our mission:
Researches and preselection of male voices for the auditions/ French voices with east european accent
Researches and preselection of male voices for the auditions/ Englisch voices with east european accent


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