The Saviour (short film, Germany, 2013-2014)

GERMANY – 2013-2014
Film in post-production

Synopsis: It’s Paul’s birthday. He is 37 and at a point in his life, where he has reached everything he had wished for: professional reputation, a well achieved peer group, a beautiful wife with a baby on the way, and a tasteful apartment in the middle of the city. He feels like he has finally arrived… Or at least that’s what he keeps telling himself. But the events of this day take a very unexpected turn, when Paul meets a stranger in the park who tells him to “open his ears”. Paul must face reality.

Director: Charlotte Roustang
Producers: Susanne Mann, Paul Zischler, Charlotte Roustang, Chris Erhenberg, Sascha Magsamen
Production: Arte-ZDF / Zischlermann filmproduktion / Samsonido
Main cast : Christoph Bach, Leonie Parusel, Carsten Ludwig

Internet: Official website of the film

Our mission: casting the full movie

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