Night to be gone (Cinema, Germany / USA, 2018) – by Loren David Marsh

GERMANY – 2018
Film cinema

Our mission : casting the main female part (French actress in Berlin)

Pitch: An African pool hustler comes to Berlin to challenge the best player in Europe.

NIGHT TO BE GONE is a feature film about a driven young pool hustler who loses everything in a game in Berlin against the best player in Europe, and then sets out to beat him in a rematch, no matter what the price.

“The script of Night to be Gone is partly inspired by the classic 1961 film The Hustler starring Paul Newman. The film is also influenced by some classic film noirs about loners fighting the odds in a corrupt world. But in Night to be Gone, the main character is an extreme outsider in Europe, an illegal immigrant from a wealthy family in Africa that lost everything in a civil war. This is a gritty film about pool hustling and gambling. But the film is also about how hard it is to be true to yourself when everyone around you defines you by where you come from or your race. With the recent election results in the USA and anti-immigration movements growing around the world, I think it’s more important than ever to make a film like this now. Written and directed by an American, shot by a German crew in Berlin, and starring a refugee from Africa, this English-language film will reflect our globalized reality like few films before.”

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